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​Event Registration

Resort Check-In

Meet Leigh & Group Introductions

Ocean Deck Cocktails

Curated Dinner Experience

Oceanfront Breakfast

Opening Session: Understanding, Believing & Owning

Small Group Session 1: Defining Your Beliefs and Mindset

Lunch and Headshot and Brand Photoshoots
Small Strategy Group Session 2: Drafting the Plan Outline

​Small Strategy Group Session 3: Intentional Strategies

B.O.L.D. Framework Learnings & Application with Leigh

Wellness Activities

Sunset Group Dinner on the Sound


​Breakfast on the Terrace

Session on Learning from the B.O.L.D. Framework

Think Tank Session

Small Group Session 4: Finalizing the Plan, Measuring the Action

Lunch and Headshot and Brand Photoshoots

Design and Application to Your Performance

Wellness Activities

Breakfast on the Terrace

Guided Implementation Time with Leigh

Headshot and Brand Photoshoots

Optional 1-1 Coaching

Wellness Activities

Closing Session with Leigh

Hotel Check-Out

*Activities and order are subject to change as we finalize attendees and speakers.

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